Monday, September 9, 2013

iSkin Aura Cases for iPhone 5 - Review


This is the best looking case I have ever seen.  The brushed aluminum on the back, with the machined aluminum outline, is eye-catching and unique.  A trim piece around the outside that matches the colored aluminum back is a nice touch.  The general design of this case fits into the “slim” category: the sides hug the case while leaving the top and bottom open.  I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and on my iPhone 5.

The phone fits extremely well into this case; a lip on the sides come just slightly around the face to hold it in place.  The sides of the case come just around each corner to provide protection and additional fit.  The open ends provide no interference with your media connections making this case ideal if you like to use docking peripherals, or if you own the Lightning adapter.

The aforementioned trim piece on the left and right edge is actually rubberized and slightly protruding from the edge.  This makes for an excellent grip and feel.  There is a small opening for the toggle switch which required the use of my fingernail to get at it.  This is typical of cases like this, and I personally don’t think it is big deal.

I admit that when I first saw this I was concerned that the aluminum back pieces would end up nicked and scarred from regular use.  Impressively, after several weeks of use and one unintentional drop, the case looks almost brand new with no scoring on the aluminum.

For you camera-philes out there I noticed iSkin’s website statement about the opening around the camera having “anti-glare ring” for flash photography.  I had chalked this up to finish, so I decided to give it a try by shooting a photo without (left) and with (right) the case.  I did notice that without the case the photo looked a little more washed-out.  This is an unscientific attempt from an amateur, but I would say their claim holds up.
Picture taken with no case on iPhone

Picture taken with iSkin Aura on iPhone

Only one minor thing with the case, and it is by no means a deal-breaker.  The volume buttons are integrated with the rubberized trim, but I don’t think they make solid contact with the buttons on the phone; when you press them you have to use an unusual amount of pressure for them to react.  Using the edge of your finger, rather than the flat of your fingerprint, makes this easier.  Upon inspection there are little round protrusions on the underside of the buttons.  These probably could have been a little bigger, or made out of something more rigid to get better responsiveness.


This is one of many cases that iSkin sells.  With this one you can’t go wrong.  It has to be one of the best looking cases on the market without sacrificing functionality.  I have never had anyone grab my phone away from me to check out the case until I put this one on, and I have two friends who bought them the next day.  Do yourself a favor: go to and pick one.


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