Monday, February 18, 2013

Outdoor Technology's DJ Slims - Review

The deeper we delve into the labyrinth of options available in portable audio options, and headphones in particular, the more we realize that personal preference and the the conditions have a massive impact on what we like.  With sound quality coming in at the top of every testers list of requirements, we find ourselves moving past it once our standards are met in that department.  Combining style, function and features in a balance for the occasion, is what makes you take notice.

If you are looking for phones to accompany you on a 10-mile run, odds are you aren't going to rock a pair of noise cancelling over-the-ear monsters.  For around the house, and around-town, I found a pair that suits my needs exceedingly well.  The DJ Slims from Outdoor Technology are my new go-to option for most daily uses.  

First things first, these are wireless.  With Bluetooth connectivity, the days of fuzzy static laden wireless signals are a thing of the past.  These deliver clear, clean sound that is in line with top-quality on-ear options.  They are not audiophile audio, but few of us have that sophisticated of a hearing pallet and even fewer of us really care.  It's just not what we are after here.  Paired with my iPhone, these shine in the integration department.  Control volume, song selection, answer calls (with integrated mic so they can hear you too) without ever digging your device out of your bag, from up to 30 feet away.  Sitting in a coffee shop, crushing my keyboard, I barely miss a keystroke when answering the phone.  Auto pause and play-back during calls prevents in-call soundtracks.

They are pretty light, very comfortable, making those long work days a bit more bearable.  I have been getting a full day's use out of a single charge.  OT says 8 hours of audio playback and 9 hours of talk time, with 254 hours of standby.  If you can't get a full day, you may want to consider interacting with live human beings occasionally. 

They may not be for every situation, but this is a welcome change from the ear buds I have used as my daily option for years.  They are an upgrade in comfort and function on nearly every level. I do wish they folded up somehow for better transport and storage, but it really hasn't been much of an issue.  

MSRP: $70.  Considering what you get for the money, these things are a steal!


  1. The best part is the crystal clear sound of this and I think that it is the best product with no comparison in the market. Hopefully I will get these soon in coming days.

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