Friday, November 16, 2012

LifeProof Case - Review

While wondering the halls of the Outdoor Retailer show some months ago, I ran into a display that was nothing short of amazing.  A guy had a brand new iPhone 4 in a slick little black case and he was absolutely abusing it.  Dunking it in water, whacking it with a hammer, dropping it on the floor and covering it in super fine sand, any of which would have rendered a naked phone immediately worthless.  The banner behind him read LifeProof, and that is exactly what this case is.

Now, I was a little skeptical when I got one of these things in my hand.  It didn't seem like it was beefy enough to do all the things it claimed it could do.  It's no thicker than a normal case, unlike the chunky Otter Box case that has been the standard in rugged iPhone protection.  The screen cover seemed uber-thin; and how was water not going to get through the slot over the speaker???

Once I watched the "Installation Video", put the case on and played with it for a few minutes, I was ready to put it through the paces.  I reluctantly went to the driveway and dropped it from about shoulder height to the concrete, no problem, whew.  Next, off to the shower to see how it handles a little water, note that I wasn't ready to submerge this thing just yet.   Not a problem...  So the next big test was to bring this thing with to the BWCA for a few days in the woods.    I walked around with my phone in my pocket the whole time, went for a swim, not a problem at all, but that isn't what impressed me.  What did is this little story.

Dinner time by the campfire, sun was down and it was dark, I mean "can"t see your feet" dark.  I am sitting on a log cutting my steak (yeah we eat pretty well up there).  I had several pieces cut up so as I usually do I went to stab my knife in the log next to me and when I jammed it down I didn't hit wood.  I knew immediately what I had done, I just stabbed my razor sharp camp knife into the face of my iPhone, the screen was going to be toast for sure, right.  To my utter amazement the case saved it.  Not only did it save it but the knife only dented the case, it is STILL waterproof and works as well as the day it came out of the box.  

All in all, I am amazed by this case.  If you play outside and have an iPhone 4, this will be the best $79.99 you've ever spent!

Here is one of LifeProof's videos of the case underwater snorkeling...   Thought it was pretty cool.


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